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Smart weather
ASA plastic micro weather meter|
Metal miniature weather instrument|
Screen sensor|
Pipe wind speed sensor|
Wind speed and direction recorder|
Meteorological Instrument|
Two-dimensional wind speed and Direction Instrument|
3D Wind speed and Direction Instrument|
Air volume meter|
Snow depth sensor|
Rain and snow gauge|
Temperature and humidity recorder|
Hand-held weather station|
Ultrasonic handheld weather station|
Multifunctional pocket handheld weather meter|
Portable weather station|
Portable automatic weather station|
Field environment monitoring system|
Portable car weather station|
Mechanical weather station|
Ultrasonic weather station|
Chemical automatic weather station|
Forest weather station|
Campus weather station|
Snow depth monitoring station|
Transmission line microweather station|
Lightning warning system|
Airport weather station|
Automatic weather station for wind erosion|
Marine weather station|
Adjustable lightning rod|
Night scope|
Intelligent hydrology
Tipping bucket rain sensor|
Optical rain Sensor|
Piezoelectric rainfall sensor|
Radar Rainfall Sensor|
Water level velocity flow sensor|
Radar level gauge|
Electronic water gauge|
GNSS displacement monitoring station|
Digital wave height meter|
Rainfall monitoring station|
Water level monitoring station|
Open channel flow monitoring station|
Buried water monitoring station|
Artificial rainfall system|
Meteorological satellite hydrological data receiving equipment|
Portable current meter|
The depth finder|
Ultrasonic flowmeter|
Geological hazard monitoring system|
Dam safety monitoring|
Telemetry terminal|
Beidou short message sending and receiving system|
Soil erosion monitoring equipment|
Automatic water table monitor|
Smart water quality
Water quality sensor|
Vertical pole water quality monitoring station|
Buoy water quality monitoring station|
Intake type water quality monitoring station|
Water quality online monitoring system|
Secondary water quality monitoring equipment|
Micro water quality monitoring station|
Hand-held water quality detector|
On-line water quality analyzer|
Drainage monitoring station|
Smart agriculture
Agricultural sensor|
Agricultural meteorological station|
Grassland meteorological station|
Soil moisture monitoring system|
Soil moisture monitoring station|
Iot insecticidal light|
Bug monitoring station|
High altitude warning light|
Trematode tower|
Spore catcher|
Sex warning light|
Plant disease monitoring|
Rodent monitoring equipment|
Water and fertilizer integrated machine|
Seedling monitoring equipment|
Agricultural four conditions monitoring system|
Agricultural irrigation Equipment|
Greenhouse Control System|
Plant protection drone|
Smart highway
Tunnel detection|
Road condition sensor|
Light transmittance detector|
Traffic weather station|
Ice monitoring|
Raindrop spectrometer|
Smart photovoltaic
Radiation sensor|
Photovoltaic weather station|
All sky Imager|
Total solar radiation detector|
Solar simulator|
Photovoltaic power station dust monitoring system|
Portable el detector|
Portable iv tester|
Power Quality Analyzer|
Photovoltaic power station field efficiency Analyzer|
Series power supply|
Intelligent atmosphere
Negative oxygen ion detector|
Negative oxygen ion monitoring system|
Micro air quality monitoring stations|
Dust monitoring system|
Navigation Monitoring Equipment|
voc online monitoring system|
Flue gas analyzer|
Dust concentration detector|
Dust sampler|
Odor monitoring equipment|
Smoke on-line monitoring system|
Gas Sensors|
Intelligent communication
Fiber welding machine|
Optical time domain reflectometer|

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